Usage Agreement

By using my dear visitor to my website and services, you agree to fully comply with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy Agreement and the terms and conditions and terms of the full site, including the usage agreement

These terms, conditions and agreements are:

1- Agreeing to the Site Agreement: Once you browse my site, you undertake to fully agree to your commitment to the site’s policy and use the services and browsing in accordance with the current terms and conditions, which may change with time and in order to ensure that you always know them. I recommend everyone to return to this page to view the necessary modifications.

2- Files that include copyright: on my site there are many services, articles, images .. and many other digital materials, all of which have special rights that may not be used or transferred to any other place and may not be profited from or shared with a third party. Without prior permission and guaranteed with full rights and agreement, it may expose you to legal liability under the Digital Property Rights Agreement on the Internet, and please be very careful about it to ensure your safety, dear visitors.

3- Modification on the site: No one has the right to modify the materials inside the site, which is private content and may never be modified in any way.

4- Special responsibility: As every person who visits the site is part of it, the responsibility lies with him when using files in an unauthorized manner, as well as when viewing materials that may harm the site and does not report them, for example, stealing content or images that have ownership rights.

5- Third parties: It is my duty to alert my visitors to the third-party logo from Google, through which I allow advertisements to reach my site, and therefore, while browsing for content and services, you may see advertisements for products or display advertisements for other parties and other companies associated with Google, and so I am not responsible About it and you are the sole, first and last responsible for it, my dear visitor.

6- Internal and external links: There are a group of links in all the sites and you may also see while navigating the site external and internal links that I check constantly and make sure of their credibility, but please take into account that I am not responsible for them because they belong to external parties and under this item I confirm I disclaim all responsibility for it and you bear personal responsibility for it.

7- Google Statistics and Cookie Notification: Use a set of tools through the Google Analytics website, which seeks to know the behavior of visitors and gain strong knowledge of their interests, in order to provide services that suit their needs on the Internet, and you will also receive a notification of cookies and cookies in order to provide the best experience for you While navigating and browsing the site.

Agreement Summary

The use agreement on my site and the privacy policy are integral parts and inseparable from one another, so it is necessary to abide by and return to them from time to time. This includes maintaining your rights and your data safely within my site and includes that you are in safe hands in the end.

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